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Gavitt A. Woodard, M.D.

Gavitt A. Woodard, M.D.

Clinical Fellow (PGY-7)
Thoracic Surgery

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  • Harvard University, B.S., Neurobiology, 2006
  • Harvard University, Certificate in Health Care Policy, 2006
  • Stanford University, M.D., 2011
  • Thoracic Oncology Program
  • Thoracic Oncology Lab
  • Thoracic Oncology
  • Esophageal Cancer
  • Lung Cancer
  • Mesothelioma

Gavitt A. Woodard, M.D. is a general surgery resident at UCSF and is currently spending two years as a research fellow in the Thoracic Oncology Lab. Dr. Woodard has a B.S. in neurobiology and a Certificate in Health Care Policy from Harvard University. She received her M.D. from Stanford University in 2011. In the Thoracic Oncology Lab she is working on clinical, translational, and basic science research projects studying lung and esophageal cancer.

  • Thoracic Oncology Laboratory
Most recent publications from a total of 29
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