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Open Positions

UCSF 20160411 Chan Researcher 411

Bioinformatics Specialist

Cancer Biomarker Discovery Using High Throughput “omics” Methods

Bioinformatics Specialist positions available immediately to a highly motivated and self-reliant individuals with a background in bioinformatics and/or statistics. Applicants are being sought both at the level of Research Associate (Masters required) and Postdoctoral Fellow (PhD required). The applicant will work with large datasets generated from high throughput sequencing (NGS, whole exome sequencing, RNAseq), gene expression (GE), MC-MS based proteomics, methylation, and metabolomics. Using advanced bioinformatics tools and techniques, the applicant will participate in cutting-edge oncology research aimed at the understanding, detection, and cure of early metastasis in lung cancer.


  • Masters (required for Research Associate position) or PhD (required for Post-Doctoral Fellow position) in Biostatistics or Bioinformatics
  • Experience in working with large biological datasets and facility with alignment, annotation, variant calling, RNAseq analysis, functional analysis, etc. preferred
  • Experience with building bioinformatics pipelines preferred
  • Experience and intimate familiarity with advanced bioinformatic techniques such as elastic net, neural networks, machine learning, AI, etc. preferred
  • Knowledge of command line, R, and Python required
  • Strong communication and writing skills required

Postdoctoral Fellow

Immunological Landscapes of Lung Cancer

Postdoctoral fellowship position available immediately to a highly motivated and self-reliant individual with an interest in the field of cancer immunology, cancer immunotherapy, and cancer vaccine development. The fellow will perform translational research experiments using tumor and blood specimens to identify immune cell populations and immune mechanisms associated with the development of high-risk early-stage lung cancers.


  • Ph.D. in biological sciences
  • Specific expertise in cell culture, microscopy and flow cytometry
  • Background in immunology and/or statistics preferred
  • Strong communication and writing skills 

Staff Research Associate

Translational Research in Thoracic Malignancies

Staff Research Associate position available immediately to highly motivated and detail-oriented individual with an interest in translational basic science and outcomes research. This individual will work closely with the group to maintain a clinical database of Thoracic Malignancies at UCSF and participate in surgical and oncologic outcomes research using this database. In addition, this individual may be asked to participate in a range of basic science assays in order to elucidate the mechanism of action and validate novel therapeutic targets in human thoracic malignancies such as lung and esophageal cancer. 


  • B.S. or M.D.
  • Experience in a clinical setting (pre-med or medical student ideal)
  • Exposure to basic molecular biology and/or immunology lab techniques preferred
  • Strong communication and writing skills 

How to Apply 

Please email the following to [email protected]:

  1. Letter describing your research experience and summary of career objectives.
  2. Curriculum vitae (CV) or Resume
  3. Two (2) references including contact information


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